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New voice and VoIP technologies are emerging constantly. That means companies rely on an expanding range of business communication tools. Bringing everything together in a unified, managed way means you can trust the technology to deliver what you need to say.

Smart communication solutions

Network connectivity, streaming services, desk phones and mobile devices. We provide a full range of voice and VoIP for business services, so that you’re always connected.

We advise on the choices available to you, considering integration of email, Instant Messaging, web, video and audio to reduce costs. Implementation is handled by our technical team, who have experience of installing hundreds of VoIP and connectivity circuits, including fibre, SIP, MPLS and multi-Gigabit links spanning multiple countries.

Not only that, we can manage all the many supplier relationships on your behalf, giving you a simple, single point of contact.

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frequently asked questions

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that allows you to make calls or send messages over the Internet. Skype for Business, Google Voice, and WhatsApp are examples of commonly used VoIP.

These days, most businesses use some form of VoIP. Implementing a VoIP system promises flexible work solutions and can drive cost savings, whilst also creating a more modern office environment. With VoIP, there is no need for expensive phone systems or hardware that require constant upkeep and replacement – in fact, there aren’t even any call charges. Accessing your VoIP system is easy to do from anywhere with an Internet connection, meaning employees can work remotely without disruption. These assets make VoIP an attractive option for clients, who can also benefit from additional included features such as videoconferencing and chat.

Yes. A major advantage of a VoIP system like Skype for Business is that you are able to retain a UK phone number – even if you are working remotely or from a different country. This also includes incoming calls from or to a mobile or landline.

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