Remote Working

Today’s agile businesses are more mobile than ever. They are made up of teams who need to be connected and productive from any location, whether on the road, at an event, or remotely working from home.

Keep your team connected.

At Fitzrovia IT, we provide clients with the hardware, software, and secure connections needed to satisfy their remote working requirements.

We ensure your people have access to the systems and services they need, from mobiles and laptops through to email, applications and central file systems.

Fixed and inflexible is becoming a thing of the past. We give your team the technology to get their job done, whatever the time and wherever the place.

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“The reason why people want to work remotely is flexibility. But you need to think about security as well. The solutions we implement will make both you and your team feel more confident about working remotely.”

James Booker

Head of Operations, Fitzrovia IT

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Fitzrovia IT offers a variety of flexible and secure solutions to allow you to easily access your resources, helping you work seamlessly between your office and home. You can also call our Service Desk to receive immediate assistance should you experience any issues.

Our services range from secure VPN and connectivity solutions, to application support, storage and backup, and full public cloud offering, to name a few. We understand people want flexible solutions for their businesses, and we provide just that.

We can work with your business to implement security solutions that ensure you have the flexibility of working remotely without having to worry about safety risks. Our full-service security approach ranges from firewall and security software installation, device encryption, email protection, and running regular security checks on your infrastructure to catch any ransomware or malware before it affects you.

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