Penetration Testing for Network Security

Penetration testing services from Fitzrovia IT will uncover any potential network security flaws. We conduct internal/external infrastructure, Wi-Fi, API and Web Application tests to identify vulnerabilities. Regular pen tests will safeguard your business from the numerous financial and reputational ramifications, that you could face in the event of a cyber-attack.

Penetration Testing

Identify hidden business risks in your network

Using both automated and manual technologies, every Pen Test we carry out will identify and exploit issues which could compromise network assets. Giving you a complete understanding of your network weaknesses – and a prioritised action list for dealing with them.

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We believe that prevention is always better than the cure.

Our managed IT services include quarterly strategic roadmaps designed to evolve your IT so that it works the best way it can for your business. This is backed up with unlimited on-site support at no additional cost, so it’s in our interest to make sure we continually deliver robust and up-to-date solutions.

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Some of the potential risks following a data breach may include:

  • Financial risk: Companies found to be noncompliant in-line with GDPR, will be fined €20 million (£17.5 million), or 4% of their global annual turnover, whichever is greater.
  • Reputational risk: Following a data breach, a business may struggle to regain trust from their customers. 
  • Personal risk: Data breaches are more likely to cause greater financial and reputational damage if sensitive personal data has been infiltrated. Home addresses, credit card details, names and ages, are often used for fraudulent activities. However, exposing someones sensitive personal data can permanently disrupt the victim’s life.

Fitzrovia IT advises that you pen test quarterly. However, if your IT infrastructure or software is updated frequently, is complicated or if you could be a popular target for an attack, (i.e. an online bank, retailer or similar business), then testing should be carried out monthly.

No business is too small to be attacked by cyber-criminals. Security flaws exist in software, hardware, and configurations irrespective of the size of the organisation. Furthermore, there are now regulatory requirements for penetration tests to be conducted across businesses of all statures.


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