Managed Cloud Services

Business without barriers, achieve more with Fitzrovia IT's managed cloud services.

Modern businesses strive for flexible, reliable, and cost-effective systems. And with changing environments, many are looking to rid themselves of traditional on-site infrastructure. Making the investment in costly hardware and maintenance a thing of the past.

Utilizing Fitzrovia IT and the cloud as part of your IT strategy will change how your business operates. With PAYG pricing, the cloud is built on a flexible, scalable, and reliable platform to meet and grow with your needs.

Whether meeting changes in staffing, cyclical demand, or operational needs. The cloud frees your business of traditional restrictions and provides flexible infrastructure. Fitzrovia IT’s Managed Cloud Services facilitates the impossible.

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Why choose Fitzrovia IT for your Managed Cloud Services

Migrating businesses to the cloud for over 20 years

We’ve understood the drivers that lead clients to the cloud. Allowing us to better help articulate how the cloud will work to achieve your needs. Each business deserves an infrastructure that adapts to how their business works. With Fitzrovia’s cloud support services, we help design a cloud solution led by your goals.

If it’s storage, processing, or SaaS apps – we’re ready to design success on your terms.

Experienced across a range of industries

As the popularity of the cloud has taken off, so have our cloud migration services. We’ve designed successful migrations for firms in professional services, creative media and automotive. (To name a few.) No matter your industry, we have the systems, expertise, and experience to get more from your cloud infrastructure.


Here at Fitzrovia IT, we’re serious about demonstrating our commitment to quality. That’s why were proud to be among the few MSPs accredited across QMS, Partner programs, and Culture.

Dedicated Success Team

When working with Fitzrovia IT, you’ll work with experienced, professional, and friendly experts. With a vast combined experience, your project success team works to guide you every step of the way.

Your journey to the cloud

With Fitzrovia IT's managed cloud services, a new era is closer than you think

With managed cloud services from Fitzrovia IT, cloud migration has never been easier. And with many cloud-based clients, we understand what goes into world-class solutions.

Starting with a thorough discovery, our team works to identify what you and your team need from the cloud. Based on our findings – we put forth a strategy and plan to develop your specific solution. Your cloud migration journey with Fitz is hands-on, and our projects team is with you each step of the way. Helping to define milestones, track progress and manage KPIs.

The team at Fitz makes sure to understands exactly what you need. And works to make your cloud migration, a successful one.

Benefits of the Cloud


As the cloud continues to mature, it guarantees users availability of resources. With advanced security and continuity measures. The cloud promises continued service, even in the face of disaster.



The cloud meets ever-evolving needs, with services that scale as needed. No longer is an investment in assets fixed across many years. The cost of your infrastructure bills monthly, on a per user basis. Meaning that your infrastructure is always ready.



In ever-changing landscapes, the cloud ensures the right resources at the right time. Regardless of the cause, cloud infrastructure manages resources, ensuring continuity of processing power. Whether meeting a seasonal spike in demand or a change in strategy, elastic resources ensure optimal performance.



The cloud is notoriously accessible. Often being configured with minimal lead time. Meaning that your cloud infrastructure can meet changing needs with a rapid turnaround.


Fitz Resource Hub

The Most Common Types of

Cybersecurity Attacks

As businesses become increasingly reliant on digital and cloud technologies, the need for watertight cybersecurity strategy becomes ever more apparent. In this guide, we’ve compiled some of the most common attacks that could affect your business, as well as some remediation and prevention techniques employed by Fitzrovia IT.

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Art of the Possible Webinar


Hosted by our Head of 365, Ben Ward – this webinar was packed with some of the latest features that are included in all M365 licenses. From helpful tools that make working from home more bearable to functionality that allows live events, break out meetings and collaboration like never before. If you’re not already using Microsoft 365 for your business, this webinar will give you a taste for the features and tools that await.

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What is Microsoft Teams?



Microsoft Teams is the single interface that brings together many of the essential O365 abilities and allows users to seamlessly work on, store and share department or project-based works. Not only that, but MS Teams can work as a comprehensive enterprise telephony system – meaning that users can have a DDI (direct dial-in) number linked directly to their account. Microsoft Teams is a powerful application that will change the way your business collaborates.

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Often touted as a social engineering attack on users, phishing often involves attackers masquerading as a legitimate and trustworthy source, often over email, and tricks users into unknowingly taking a malicious action, such as clicking a harmful link, downloading malware or submitting details. Take a look at our top tips in protecting yourself from phishing attacks.

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