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In a digital-first world, your website defines your business. Guaranteeing a continuous, secure presence and high-speed performance demands a specialist hosting service and ongoing support.

Secure, managed hosting services

The dedicated hosting services provided by Fitzrovia IT give you the reliable, responsive platform you need to manage your website.

Our expertise in server technology and data management mean the performance of your site is fully optimised, and SSL encryption provides assurance that connections are secure.

Because it’s a service provided directly by us, we’re also able to provide instant, direct support to deal with any issues and make sure your online presence is maintained.

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We will manage all of your IT needs. And we will make it work for you.”

Steven Turner

Technical Architect, Fitzrovia IT

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Choosing to host with an experienced technical team means you won’t have to worry about the constant upkeep of your domain records and domain name renewals. We can fully manage your hosting and DNS needs, ensuring your domain never expires and your web services continue to function seamlessly.

SSL is the encryption standard for web services to ensure your customers’ data remains private and safe. A basic, premium, or enhanced SSL certificate protects sensitive information, secures your web services, and builds trust with your customers. Our team can fully manage your SSL certificates, meaning you’ll never have a break or interruption within your secure website or email services.

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