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Email remains the backbone of business communication. That means companies need to depend on scalable email systems that give their employees the ability to send and receive messages irrespective of what device they’re using or where they are.

Always-on email access.

We provide a complete end-to-end email solution that sets your company up for uninterrupted email access, giving you the reassurance that you won’t miss any important messages from clients or suppliers.

We provide users across your business with flexible access to their inbox, whether on the desktop via an email client, over the internet via a web browser, or on mobile via an app.

Ongoing support from our technical experts means any issues are dealt with quickly to ensure your team stays contactable and productive.

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“Email available anytime, anyplace, and on any device makes your work force productive.”

Anuj Mehta

Technical Architect, Fitzrovia IT

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We offer a variety of email solutions, including Microsoft Cloud-based email, On-Premise email and public cloud services such as Google Cloud.

Exchange Online is a cloud-based Microsoft-hosted email. Featuring strong spam filters, enhanced security, and reliable recovery support, Exchange Online makes your workforce mobile and ensures business continuity by being accessible anytime across your devices. This is a very popular service we offer and delivers significant cost savings to businesses.

Email safety is crucial, and we take all steps necessary to protect your email by implementing the latest security measures to combat viruses and spam. By offering a system called Mimecast, we are able to filter out unwanted email activity by running security checks before they even enter your inbox, meaning your email is streamlined with messages you actually want to see. We also understand the demand for security awareness around topics such as phishing, and can work with your business to recognise the negative effects of clicking on unsafe links within email.

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