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Backup and disaster recovery form a vital part of any corporate IT strategy. In a world where companies are generating an ever-expanding pool of high-value data, planning ahead can mitigate against the risk of downtime and loss.

Don’t suffer from data loss

At Fitzrovia IT, we can help you implement the technology and processes needed to avoid experiencing the pain, professional discomfort, and potential damage associated with data loss.

Backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning all form part of our comprehensive approach to protecting your intellectual property and safeguarding your data.

We’ll work with you to analyse the risks associated with key systems and services, and put in place robust backup measures that can be deployed quickly in times of need.

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“Time and money spent on implementing a suitable backup strategy for your business will be time and money saved”

Anuj Mehta

Technical Architect, Fitzrovia IT

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A good backup system is essential to ensure your work is not permanently lost. We can help you navigate what backup systems are best for your business and can implement multiple layers of solutions so that if an issue does arise, you can recover access to your data quickly.

Backup is about mitigating risk and the backup plans that are available need to be tailored for each business in line with their practices. Although you may have a storage system in place – whether on an external hard drive or on the cloud – it is essential to also back up important data in case of a disaster. With numerous attacks on data prevalent on the Internet, your backup strategy should cater to scenarios where access to a clean version of your data is available to allow for business to work as usual.

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