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With the arrival of GDPR and the growing threat from damaging cyber-attacks, a robust approach to IT security is paramount for any reputable organisation. The strongest strategies are built on the right combination of technology, solutions, services, people and processes.

Keep your data and systems safe.

Fitzrovia IT is committed to the highest international standards in cybersecurity, holding ISO 27001, IASME Gold, and IASME’s advanced Cyber Essential PLUS certifications. We bring those standards to you, ensuring you have all layers of protection in place while covering you against viruses, spam and malware. We provide vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, and two-factor user authentication and mobile security management though AirWatch.

The security of your IT systems is enhanced with our FitzProtect Ransomware Prevention, which provides optimal protection for your IT infrastructure, working in tandem with regular updates to your security policies and procedures, and alongside data backup, data recovery and user awareness training.


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“Thanks to our long standing relationship with Fitzrovia IT, we are secure in the knowledge that every step has been taken to ensure maximum data protection.”

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frequently asked questions

What approach does Fitzrovia IT take to security?

Our experienced IT service professionals take a comprehensive and meticulous full-service approach to security. This includes providing online and face-to-face cybersecurity training for users, overseeing security audits and implementations, configuring firewalls and completing web application scanning. We understand the need for constant surveillance and have put ourselves at the forefront of vulnerability management by providing vulnerability testing and software tools to continuously scan your IT infrastructure.

How can I ensure my data is safe when a device is lost?

We get questions like these all the time. What should I do if my laptop is stolen? What kinds of devices can I encrypt? How can I secure my work phone? Properly securing your devices is essential – particularly with GDPR in full effect. We can ensure that your mobiles, tablets, desktops, servers, and USBs are fully encrypted and protected at all times.

Should I be worried about cyber-attacks?

Many of our clients get concerned about cybersecurity – and rightly so. If you have a security breach, you want to be confident that your data – and that of your clients’– is protected. To combat cyber-attacks, we offer a fully-managed antivirus service that instantly alerts our team if you get a cyber-attack, ransomware, or malware, so we can immediately take action. With Cyber Essentials Plus certification and a strong background in cybersecurity, we are here to answer any questions you may have, such as: do I need antivirus protection on a Mac? The answer: absolutely!

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