Developing an IT strategy that hits the target

By April 30, 2018News

When we first meet with a new client, we’re always keen to discover as much as possible about the company’s long-term IT strategy. But when we ask about strategy it’s surprising how often we’re met with a puzzled response.

Many businesses are stuck in outmoded ways of thinking about IT. Surprisingly, technology is still seen as a ‘bolt-on’, a tucked-away department shrouded in techie mystique, rather than an integral driver of business success.

CEOs will set mid and long-term goals for, say, new business wins, staffing numbers or expansion of business premises, but they often fail to add IT to the mix. The result is that their IT operates reactively rather than proactively. Instead of a collaborative and interactive approach, it becomes an area that only receives attention when something goes wrong.

Troubleshooting is vital of course, and until a 100% failsafe system is invented, it will always be an essential part of IT life. But companies with a clear vision and strategy for their IT infrastructure find there are far fewer problems to troubleshoot because their systems are efficient, agile and secure.

According to Gartner’s 2017 survey of over 3,000 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) across the world, just 29 per cent of organisations are ‘effective or very effective’ at IT strategy and planning. There’s clearly work to be done!

Prioritising IT
The capabilities of IT within business are almost endless. Marketing, e-commerce, design, stock control, teleconferencing, accounts, internal communications and HR . . . it’s hard to think of an area of working life that isn’t touched by technology in some way.

So, how do you ensure that all your departments are working in a joined-up fashion with the best possible systems – systems that embrace the latest innovations while remaining user-friendly and commercially advantageous?

If your business isn’t large enough to employ a dedicated in-house technology department, it’s time to consider outsourcing the role to a managed service provider (MSP). Traditionally, MSPs have been seen almost exclusively as troubleshooters: the geeks you call to solve anything from a minor glitch to a system meltdown.

But our role is evolving and here at Fitzrovia IT, we provide a full consultancy service to clients, helping them to weave their IT strategy into every element of the wider business. When you align IT in this way, the positive results include:

  • Better communications
  • Enhanced security
  • Cost efficiency
  • Clarity and direction

Find out more
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