Fitzrovia IT introduces FitzAutomate, the agent-based, single-console solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of your business.

AI-powered automation

With FitzAutomate, you receive interruption-free IT management powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Our automation technology pushes out over 400 out-of-box scripts, meaning you’ll receive updates, patches and rollouts across all your devices at once in real time.

FitzAutomate provides the most well-rounded protection against security vulnerabilities on the market, offering trusted IT management you can rely on.

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Raise IT support tickets with the click of a button

With FitzAutomate’s innovative, agent-base design, you can now raise tickets directly from your desktop.

With the ticket submission portal integrated directly within the desktop agent, users can easily and conveniently submit IT support tickets directly to our Technical Experts team – without ever picking up the phone.

FitzAutomate offers uniquely optimised remote monitoring and management while reducing device downtime and ensuring automated and intelligent support.

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We’re always happy to provide ad-hoc services, which not only come with the solution to your immediate issue, but an overview of what might have gone wrong.

In some cases, we advise it makes sense to take our unlimited IT support to solve the issue, then review and update all your IT systems at a similar price to the initial one-off cost.

Dan Stanbury

Director, Fitzrovia IT

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FitzAutomate delivers support with little to no interruption to your business.

Whether you are receiving a security patch, software update or general maintenance, FitzAutomate can quickly and efficiently push these out to all devices at once and manage by exception, all from a single, reliable source.

FitzAutomate is a powerful tool designed to enhance your pre-existing IT support.

Our proactive automation technology allows deployment agents to complete the routine, checklist tasks that would typically cost your business time and money, giving you the flexibility necessary to strengthen your IT strategy.

Rest assured your IT support will remain the same and you will still have access to your dedicated team of IT specialists, all while benefitting from what the power of automation and machine learning can bring to your business.

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