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Cloud computing is transforming how companies work. Through a simple web browser, users can gain access to a wealth of powerful services that can be set-up quickly and scaled according to need.

Unlock the advantages of the Cloud

At Fitzrovia IT, our team has in-depth knowledge of the latest cloud computing technologies and we help our clients maximise the opportunity the cloud can bring to their business.

We can provide everything from public to private to hybrid cloud solutions, and we can offer everything from top-level strategic consultancy to fully managed support for the adoption of cloud computing services.

Thanks to the experience of our skilled engineers, consultants and project managers, we have successfully executed a number of cloud projects ranging in scale, duration and complexity – all within deadline and within budget.


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"The most attractive thing about the cloud is that it is flexible, customisable, and secure. And you can’t forget - it can also save you money."

Anuj Mehta

Technical Architect, Fitzrovia IT

frequently asked questions

What cloud services do you offer?

Fitzrovia IT have pushed to the forefront of offering full cloud migration and infrastructure. Our customisable cloud services range from storage to server, email, and applications solutions. As a Microsoft partner we are Microsoft Cloud certified to administer support and conduct training courses, plus are able to conduct internal and external scans on cloud-based infrastructure to ensure protection of your data.

Is the cloud safe?

The data you choose to store in the cloud is fully encrypted and accessible only by you, making it an extremely safe and secure platform to use. Compared to a physical hard drive, the cloud provides an extra layer of security by safeguarding against your data being lost or stolen. Sharing access to data has also never been safer than over the cloud, which protects against potentially risking a security breach caused by employees emailing important files back and forth.

Should I use the cloud or a server for my business?

Although servers are reliable and widely used pieces of hardware, there are certain unmatched benefits the cloud can offer that can make it worth strongly considering implementing for your business. More and more businesses – particularly SME’s – are using the cloud because it is a more convenient and collaborative service that can be accessed across different devices for flexibility of working. A server, however, has a shelf life of only about three years and can require constant upkeep and replacement which costs your business money. 

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