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Dan Stanbury Celebrates 15 years with Fitzrovia IT

Dan joined Daren at Fitzrovia IT as an Engineer in 2005, which is 15 years on Saturday 4th April. In that time, Dan has proven himself to be a highly driven and determined leader, who has been instrumental in growing the business from the handful of engineers and support staff in 2005 to the impressive size it is today.


How to maintain a healthy home working environment

With so many people unexpectedly working from home in the last couple of weeks, if you're going to spend a lot more time than normal working from home, it’s worth considering how you can create a healthy working space for yourself. 


WHO Warning as Cyber Criminals Capitalise on Coronavirus

In a new take on a common phishing scam, criminals are posing as the World Health Organisation (WHO) aiming to trick users into disclosing personal details (especially usernames and passwords) or installing malicious software on victims computers.


What is Penetration Testing?

With concern mounting for businesses of all sizes, Fitzrovia IT is committed to prevention as opposed to intervention, so we advise businesses to conduct regular pen tests.


Trouble for Travelex

Over the past few years, malicious software that uses encryption to hold data for ransom has been on the rise. The sole purpose of ransomware is to extort money from its victims. It finds its way onto a PC by infiltrating a security flaw in weak software, or by tricking a user into installing it.


End of Life for Windows 7

The Windows 7 'end of life' will pose an end to bug fixes, security patches, and new functions. With the recent ransomware attack on Travelex, businesses need to ensure that they do not leave themselves open to similar problems. Unfortunately, those that fail to make the switch from Windows 7 will be at an increased risk.